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First information about accepting  Secondary School in Siewierz, Poland for the Comenius program “School leaving? No thank you!” appeared on the school noticeboard.

Competitions for  the project logo and for the best Powerpoint presentations were announced. Three students from our school  designed 5 different logos which took part in international contest and competed with 30 other logos. Magda Ściślicka from IIb won the competition. Now the  logo designed by her will accompany all international events in which we will be taking part in and thanks to it we will feel at home everywhere.

Presentations are hopefully under way…Hurry up dear friends!

18.09. 2012 Warsaw

Training for the beneficiaries of the Comenius program “ Life Long Education”

Our teacher Ms. U. Kosteczka took part in it.


Project website  was set up. Current information is available here for all interested in the project activities undertaken at school.


Parents were informed about Comenius project and about opportunities for students who would like to take part in it.

18.10. 2012

Our school was informed that financial agreement between National Agency and

Local authorities in Będzin was signed which meant that we could formally start the program.

It may appear that at this point the project got stuck but as you may notice this is not true; we are working all the time preparing for the working visit which was planned to be held in Caserta near  Naples, Italy in December this year.

8.11. 2012

Students in our school wrote a questionnaire “Finishing education too early”. A similar questionnaire was prepared for adults who finished their education too early. The results of them will be compiled and analysed by international group of teachers. The questionnaires were prepared  by international team of teachers  working of the Comenius project.

A formal meeting for all students interested in taking part in the Comenius program was held. Ms.Elzbieta Horbatowska, headmistress took part in it.

School coordinator Ms. U. Kosteczka  presented the main aims and answered students’ questions. She also asked students to prepare their own ideas which could be applied in the project.

Next meeting  for the students is planned  in the second half of November 2012

We prepared a noticeboard informing about our project. Basic information about the project and partner countries together with flags and pictures were included on it. We also displayed Magda Ściślicka’s logo and our website’s address. First pictures of participants were taken.

Thanks to invaluable involvement of Culture Studies teacher Ms. Jola Kozak unique, handmade Christmas cards have been created. The cards will be sent to our friends, students from partner countries. Similar cards will be sent to us from abroad.



a meeting with Mr. Bernard Sołtysik –Polish musician , composer, arranger and teacher who won many awards for his music. He gave our students an interview in which he told us about his passion for music and encouraged talented, young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions pointing out the importance of hard work, persistence and patience. You can read the interview on our website  in the  Polish language.



13-14.12. 2012

2 teachers from our school attended a working visit in Caserta, Italy.




Students received Christmas cards made by peers from partnership countries.


A meeting for students taking part in the Project. Information about the visit in Caserta

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